I build effective, user-friendly web experiences


I’m Thom Allen, a freelance front-end developer working in London. I specialise in creating responsive, efficient websites & web apps that provide the best possible user experience. Currently, I’m focusing on developing modern UI components for web apps with JavaScript libraries like React and Vue.js.


Over the years I’ve picked up a wealth of web experience including: Front-end fundamentals like HTML5 & CSS3, Sass, JavaScript to ES6+; JS and CSS libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, React & Vue; state management implementations like Redux, MobX, Flux and bundlers / build tools like Webpack & Gulp. I’ve also got experience in designing sites, Content Management Systems and more; though I’m concentrating on front-end development. For a more complete list, see my CV.

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I’m available from June 2017 for contract work at a forward-thinking company.
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