The No. 1 BEST SELLING Pet Food Brand*

Did you know that in 2016, the top seven best selling pet food SKUs were FELIX® pouches?**

Our complete range of felix® recipes provides cats with delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to help them stay in tip-top condition, whatever their age.

FELIX® packs

FELIX® Chunks in Jelly

FELIX® Chunks in Jelly make up FELIX® core range with over 15 delicious flavour combinations to choose from. With meaty and fishy varieties such as Game and Shrimp, there is a something to suit every end consumer.

FELIX® As Good As It Looks®

FELIX® premium plus range is now the biggest subrange with a 22.7% share*** in the wet cat food category. Increasingly, consumers are looking for new ways to treat their pets and this demand for premiumisation is clearly demonstrated in the strong sales of this range.

FELIX® Sensations®

FELIX® Sensations® focuses on taste and innovation, offering the next level in taste and texture. A £1.3 million investment in advertising is ensuring footfall to buy this product.

FELIX® has allowed consumers to see the world through FELIX® eyes through a pioneering in-store experience using virtual reality. Now in December, FELIX® has gone even further by releasing its very own Snapchat lens – a first for the Pet Care category.

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